Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sweet Surrender

Sure, Sweet Surrender is the scent of my deodorant, but it's also an inspiration. There are many things I must simply surrender to. I have to "give".

I put up our outside Christmas lights today. Sure, some of you may wince and say I'm crazy, "Christmas already?". We like to turn on our outside lights on Thanksgiving and I was getting a start on it while Miles was napping today. I had five sets of those retro colored lights. Lights I remember from childhood. Lights that make me think of "A Christmas Story" and Charlie Brown. I love 'em, and I was stringing them on the shrubs outside, working on the final strand, when they all went out. Hmm... Chevy Chase moment you say? Why, yes it was, in fact. I was thinking "Oh God, Rob was right, I strung too many together". Nothing makes me wrinkle my nose and say shucks faster than having Rob "tell me so". He informs me that the fuse on the first set is blown and proceeds to replace it. Exactly four minutes later it blows again. This is where the "told you so" part comes in. I surrender. They are hung, they are strung, they are staying put. How we get around to powering them up for the big switcheroo on, well, we'll figure that out later. I give.

Last night we brought the boys to Build A Bear to .... well.... build a bear. They each had birthday money we set aside for this treat and I was sure they would love love love it! I had heard that this endeavor could get a bit pricey, so I waited till the birthday season when lovely Grammies and Grampas send checks. We were armed with cash and revved up to stuff the life into little bears. We got there and instantly Miles was overwhelmed and in his own land far far away. While there were about thirty different animals to choose to stuff, Miles was intently focused on a pair of socks at a nearby display. I held up three choices for him, which he looked at carefully and dropped on the floor. Hell, the socks were far more interesting! Finally, I picked a cute little dog for him that he had showed a minute of interest in. Max was armed with his cute monkey and we headed to the next phases, sounds and then the stuffing machine. Whatever we had to do, Miles was busy somewhere else, caring less what we wanted him to enjoy. Max was at the perfect age and loved every second of it. His monkey is decked out in fabulous black jeans complete with wallet chain, a fleece hoodie, sketchers sneakers, joe boxers and even his own battery operated camera phone. He was a little pissed when I made him put the safari hat and mini guitar back and pointed out loudly as we were leaving that he REALLY wanted that miniature hockey set for "Eric". Miles, well, we were lucky to get him interested in one Cookie Monster t-shirt for "Doggy" and Rob grabbed a leash for him out of desperation to get him something. We checked out and my total was $93. While Max dug it, Miles was not going to participate in my forced birthday fun at any cost. We got home from dinner and I said "Here Miley, here's Doggy!!". Miles looked at this white fluffy dog and launched him across the room with a final "NO". You just can force love. I surrender.

Today my little Miley turned two. My little baby is a baby no more. I don't know where the time went, all I know is that it kicked me in the ass on the way by. How can Miles be walking and talking.... climbing and jumping.... yelling "POOP at the top of his lungs in the grocery store...? How can he be such a little dude when it was just YESTERDAY I brought him home and watched his big brother cradle him in his arms? How can he be climbing up on the bathroom sink for a drink of toothpaste when it was just YESTERDAY that I was nursing him to sleep after a feast at his first Thanksgiving dinner? I don't know...I surrender.

Tis the birthday season here in the Jordan household. The boys have had their fair share of gifts and cake (more on the way tonight! Whoo Whoo!). Today however, there was a guest of honor at Miles' birthday. Thomas the Tank Engine. Many of you do not know Thomas yet. I admire that. I miss that, really. For Thomas has become a member of the family in some ways. Miles has become... shall we say... obsessed? He got a new train set, a Toby character from Thomas and Friends, a Thomas Aquadoodle Mat and a Thomas coloring set. There was not ONE blessed thing today that did not involve our new friend. Even the scrumptious cake on the agenda tonight is a Thomas cake. Got Thomas questions? Ask away, we are on the way to being experts. I am typing this to the faint sound of the Thomas theme song playing on the t.v. upstairs. I am drooling at the thought of eating that Thomas cake. You know what? I surrender.

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