Monday, March 27, 2006

When you're a parent, you're never off duty...

In a conversation with my sister yesterday I was explaining to her how you are never truly off duty when you have kids. Especially when you're significant other (if you have one) is off for a week at a time working. This hit home for me early this morning. It was 4:44 a.m. to be clear. From the room next to mine I heard Max calling out to me, "HEY, MOM.... MO-O-O-OMMY..... MOM, can you come HERE?". He was just calling out to me like I was watching t.v. in the other room or something. Listen kid, I am sleeping, it's before 5 a.m., I'm off duty. But, he persisted and finally I heard Miles in the other room next to mine start in because something (hmmm) woke him up. I finally sat up with a growl and when reaching for my glasses, knocked over my water on the side table. Growl. I ordered Max into bed with me and he needed to immediately zip it. Thank goodness Miles decided to doze back off. I finally did have to get back up around 5:30, but at least it was AFTER 5 a.m. It's kind of crazy, but anything earlier than that and I just feel mad.

So, if that doesn't convince someone to never procreate, I have lots of other stories for them.

Friday, March 24, 2006

I'm Sick and You'll Probably Catch It

I'm sick again. I feel like I am one big sickness broken up by short bursts of non-coughing. Ugh.

It started with Max, made it's way to Miles in form of a fever (!?) and now it's hit me. Rob's due home today and he will then step across the threshold to germ warfare. Happy Birthday Sweetie.

This particular cold has hit me hard with violent coughing and night sweats. I can handle it ok.... I may not be the MOST patient mom this week, and I may not wake up in the morning fresh as a daisy. However, the thing that really gets me.... REALLY annoys me is when people see you are sick and make remarks about it. I dropped Max off at preschool yesterday and I was one step away from passing out cold on the steps. Seriously, I was dizzy and sweaty and all I wanted to do was drop Max off, get Miles down for his nap and curl up on my bed for an hour. I walk in the door and his teacher goes, "Oh, here's the sick family!". Ummm.... is that sympathetic commentary or an open invitation to stay back a few feet so the germs don't jump? People get nutty when they notice you are sick, really. You walk into a place and cough and you get the evil eye. Go home, sicky, we don't want your kind round these parts!

It actually gets me so irritated that I feel like going on a cold-spreading spree and infecting as many sick-phobes as possible. If only I could stand up for more than five minutes without feeling faint.... shucks. Maybe tomorrow. Wanna be my best friend? Be here in five minutes with some extra Puffs Plus and a new bottle of NyQuil.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Staking out the Dump

Well, it's time to make it official, we are moving again. We are saying goodbye to our little community in Maine and saying hello to Massachusetts! Rob has been residing at a hotel in Sturbridge, working at his new job and soon (hopefully), we will all be together again in our new home in Monson! Oh, and don't bother correcting anyone who pronounces it "MUNson", because you will be corrected by a native for calling it "MONson". As Rob pointed out, it follows the same rule as money.

Anyways, I realized that in a fitful cleaning spree several months ago I had very thoroughly purged our storage room of boxes and brought them to the dump. When we got word of the move, I felt like crying for the loss of my sturdy boxes. It's time again to play the box game. I downright refuse to buy (as in give someone hard earned cash) for a silly old box! So, that leaves me with a couple options.... #1 Ask everyone I know and see on the street if they have any boxes they want to get rid of, or #2 Dumpster Dive. I'm not much of a dumpster diver, really, but I have loitered a bit at the bailer at the town dump seeing if anyone's dropping off cardboard. Last week I hit the jackpot. I was bringing my garbage over and I noticed a guy hauling some boxes out of his truck. I ran up to him and said "Hey! Can I have those??". He looked at me like I was some kind of freak and shrugged his shoulders. SCORE! Then, over the weekend I was cleaning out our shed and made another trip to the dump and got another whole batch of good clean boxes. SCORE AGAIN! I give up all pride. Call me "Weird Dump Lady", whatever. I need boxes and I'll do what I gotta do!

So, did you know that boxes can serve as great fun to little kids? Next time the kids are whiny and bored, pull out an empty box and see the fun fly! I at present time have a box pyramid in the spare room and each child is sitting in their own box watching PBS right now. Ah... the power of cardboard.