Friday, July 14, 2006

Speaking Up

My little Miley guy is quite the talker lately. He parrots just about every word he hears and is even developing a little 'tude that's copied from big brother, Max. If I ask him to "come here please", he will follow up with "jus SEC, mommy". I can't even have a moment's peace in the W.C. for crying out loud. I hear loud banging on the door and a wee little voice asking "WHAT DOIN MOMMY? OOO IN BAFROOM MOMMY?". It's so darn sweet, really, being able to communicate with the little guy. He's at a fun age.

Max is wrapping up a whirlwind week at Vacation Bible School this week, and Monday was a big day. We went to drop him off in a room full of new kids. He looked around, scanning the other children, the tables, the set-up. I had a big knot in my stomach, remembering my own experiences in a new situation as a kiddo. Max seemed to be fine (though I was practically in tears leaving him), and we said our goodbyes, gave kisses, and I wheeled Miley out in his stroller to the car. It wasn't until we were rolling out of the parking lot that a very upset little voice from the backseat said "UH, OH!!! IS SEAT!!!". He was emphatically pointing to Max's seat wondering why in the world we were leaving without Max. It was enough to reduce me to tears really. Not a car trip goes by without the two of them, and here is this observant little passenger telling me that I forgot one!

He's a cute one, that little Miles. Big talker, too. It's all so cute.... even though.... well, there are moments I didn't have to worry about with Max at that age. There was no older child influencing Max's vocabulary like Miles has now. There are days I just have to shake my head and shrug my shoulders and smile sheepishly at other parents when my toddler declares at the top of his wee voice "YUCKY POOPY, YUCKY POOPY, YUCKY POOPY!!". Yes, son, there are days like that.