Thursday, November 09, 2006

Oh the Mystery

This morning was like any other morning. Rob was getting out of the shower in our bathroom, I was lying in bed trying to wake up, and Max was quietly playing Game Cube until it was time to turn on the news for Mommy. All was quiet from Miley's crib. Then, Miles saunters into our room with a toy, hops up on the bed and says "Pway Mommy". Rob looks confused. "How did you get out of your crib Miley?", he asks. I shrug, Max says he didn't help him and Miles is too busy with his shape sorter to be bothered by such interrogation. So, the news of the day is that my barely-two-year-old climbed out of his crib for the very first time today. That is a feat, I might add, that my eldest never bothered with, as he was supremely happy in his cribby. I will have to keep a close eye on this monkey so I can catch him in the act. Oh Lord, is it time for a big boy bed ALREADY?

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