Friday, January 19, 2007

Hey! I'm Alive!

Well bloggies, I am indeed alive and well. Although, "well" is a relative term, I have a chest cold that keeps me awake at night and is thoroughly irritating to me. I had experienced some technical difficulties with the old blog and thought the whole thing was lost. But, thanks to my dear friend Danish (love the name, makes me hungry) at Blogger Help, problem is resolved, blogging has resumed. Fear not, for there will indeed be more blogs!

So, tuck your tissues back up your sleeves, I have returned and vow to be blogtastic!


Ernesto said...

Welcome back, Cat!

MOM said...

Hurrah! ¡OlĂ©! Bravo! I've missed this so much! (even though I'm responding to the first one, I've read the next two too!) Sorry about the cold, glad it's YOUR snow, and GO, MILEY!