Monday, May 19, 2008

My Little T-Baller

On May 3rd, my big beast started t-ball. It had to be the most adorable thing ever! He is having a blast and Rob and I are already understanding how parents get so into their children's sports. I was hooting and cheering, and then groaning to myself as about six wee children tackled the ball in a huge pig pile. I think in a small way we are actually surprised that we produced a child who would have an interest in a sport of any kind. We are such non-sporty people, where did this budding athlete come from? Fear not, though, I haven't begun fighting other parents on the side line or shouting obscenities yet. Yet.

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Anonymous said...

Max looks great! I love the crouch mode! He looks so "pro"! Thanks for the pics! I love them! MOM