Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fiddleheads and Beer Helmets

Our annual trek to upstate Maine has come and gone. We are back home with our laundry done, dog and cat reunited (sorry Rosie), and lots and lots of fiddle heads. You may recall that last year was my virgin voyage to pick fiddle head ferns, a northern delicacy that I'm not all that sure I actually enjoy eating. People up north sure do love 'em. All of them. Every person in Maine, I'm pretty sure. Yup. To me, they look intriguing, taste very... green, and I know they are definitely expensive if you buy them in a store. This year we all went out to pick and we have brought home enough to freeze for the winter. So we can have them all.... year.... long. Seriously, they aren't bad, really, I'm just not sure I love them. I've taken a casual poll of up-northerners and every one I asked really does, in fact, savor them. Even our 7-year-old nephew requests them and when told that they are on the dinner menu, will utter a "yesss!" to announce his approval.

Along with the gift of fiddle heads, I received another kind of gift from my new bestest friend in the whole wide world, Nat! Some of you may know that I've had a hankerin' for a beer helmet for quite some time now. Interestingly, I haven't received one for a Christmas gift, birthday gift, or even a gag gift. Nothing. I really did want one. Our first night up north, as the festivities were kicking off, someone mentioned my pining for a beverage hat. Nat piped up that she, in fact, had one I could use! After screaming in delight and running to retrieve a fresh brew for the inaugural sip through the straw, I had achieved my goal! I had a beer helmet. I was also being a total dork. Note that I did not include a picture of myself in said helmet. Partly, this is because I don't have a shot from that night on my own camera, and party because I'm not that stupid to post a ridiculous picture of me for all of you to laugh at. By the way, Nat, I forgot my hat in the garage, don't think I don't love it, I just failed to remember to bring it home!

Anyhoo, like I said, we're home and we are back to grind. Snore. I'm off to go measure how tall my pea plants are now.


Ernesto said...

All right, I've absolutely gotta see a pic of you in the beer helmet now!

MOM said...

Omigosh! A side of you I never suspected! A secret longing I would never have guessed!

I think fiddleheads and milkweed greens and dandelion greens are similar that if you are properly exposed to then young, they become part of your inheritance. I did go through a brief phase when I picked and cooked milkweed greens (only the youngest, tenderest ones work) but I could never sell them to any member of my family or friends so I gave up and have since lost all desire to try them again. Dandelions I never did get into, and you've been gracious enough to excuse me from trying the fiddleheads in the past. When famine times come I may check back into the option!

Redsoxgirl said...

Hey Cat,
finally getting around to reading your blog.
Ugh, I can't freakin believe you left the beer helmet behind....jk. I am LMAO reading this. You are too funny!!
How is my baby Sammy...I miss him!!! Tell the boys I said hi. Tell Rob I havn't made that seafood dish but I am going to.
Take care
Your new bestest friend!

Cat Jordan said...

NAT! Sammy misses you! Especially if you have any meat products just laying around! :) Glad you came and checked out the blog, don't be a stranger. Talk to you later Fiddle Head Queen (sung to the tune Mississipi Queen).