Monday, June 05, 2006

Been Tagged

Well, Kay has tagged me, so I will comply and list my "favorites with kids"...

Four places I'd like to take my kids on vacation

1. Alaska
2. Iceland
3. Spain
4. Disney World

Four shows I like to watch with my kids

1. Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius
2. America's Funniest Home Videos
3. Arthur
4. Baby Mozart

Four restaurants I like to go to with my kids

1. Friendly's
2. The Haraseeket Inn (shout out to Jimmy James)
3. McDonalds (yes, that's right! They have a playland and the food is fast and cheap!)
4. Any Chinese place close by (NOTE: Eating out is not very enjoyable right now with an 18 month old. Many food objects are projectiles and much screaming occurs. This list will evolve as my youngest learns how to behave in public :)

Four things I want my kids to be good at

1. Being kind to all people
2. Sharing what you have (love and possessions)
3. Being responsible and taking care of themselves and their family (some day!!)
4. Seeing God in everything and everyone around them

Four websites I visit daily

1. Milkweed Hill
2. Big Red Blog
3. Ernesto's
4. Jimmy James


Kristen said...

Come to think of it, we also watch "America's Funniest Home Videos" with the kids too. Sofia doesn't pay any attention, but David thinks kids falling off their bikes into pools and stuff like that is pretty hilarious. It just makes me cringe and laugh nervously. Thanks for taking part in my silly tag!

Cat J. said...

Kristen, it must be a little boy thing. Getting smacked in the stuff is hillarious to Max. Rob also cringes and says "Ouch" to everything, lol.