Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Haircuts are from Hell

My oldest is four years old and down right HATES having his hair cut. I can do a pretty decent job with the hair trimmers and it saves me $10-12, but he throws such a fit, it's almost worth it to bring him somewhere and save myself the aggravation. Several months ago before the move I gave in and brought him to Super Cuts. I thought the stylist would be in tears by the end of it, he was such a pain. He complained that she was pulling his hair, he would cower and cry and say that she had pinched him with the trimmers. He would get out of the chair and try to slink away. He was a pain. This is all a show of course. I think Super Cuts would definitely be out of business if the trimmers pinched all the customers. He likes the look and feel of a fresh buzz, but cannot deal with the process. The problem is that he has a veritable forrest growing on his noggin and it gets downright bushy.

Rob and I have been noticing that wee beast's hair was in need of a trim of some kind, too. He has long blonde wisps that curl when he's hot or out of the bath. I love those little curly curls... sigh. But, the time had come to trim, and that is just what I did. Wee beast was first and was so enraptured with the entire process he sat like a little angel on the toilet seat and let me buzz him. Presto, he was done. Next came big beast. Not so easy. After all the tears and sweat and complaining, the boy's hair was done and the bathroom looked like a Wookie exploded in it.

I sure hope he grows out of these hair cut catastrophes. I try to put them off as long as possible, but every few months I have to suck it up and cut. Pictures coming soon.


Ernesto said...

David was not so great the last time we took him up to Supercuts, a few years ago. He didn't quite slink out of his seat, but he definitely had issues. Then, the Easter before last, I took him to the American Barber barbershop, where I got my hair cut. A big guy with tattoos on his arm and a broad leather band on his right wrist cut David's hair, and man, David sat still. He wasn't scared (I stood right there next to him and chatted with the guy during the cut), but he was maybe a wee bit intimidated. He got a lollipop after and he was happy. Since then, he's always come to the barbershop with me, and looked forward to it! The experience has been really good. Father and son bonding days. The last place was down in West Boyleston, Mass., where the shop was run by a Harley riding Roman Catholic who had black leather chairs and metal studs on the mirrors, along with motorcycle rally memorabilia on the wall next to pictures of Jesus and the pope. He gave David double lollipops and one to bring home for Sofia besides!

Jimmy James said...

I really loved reading this blog, having just sat down after a fresh cut myself , but I can see Maxie's haircut , being all over the place and his cute little head and, almost want to cry it's so sad to me that this hilarious tale can make me feel so sad about not having major and minor beasts about. I miss those boys!