Tuesday, April 15, 2008

On Lunden Pond

Sunday we decided to check out a set of trails up the road from us and head out for a little adventure. The boys had fishing poles they hadn't been able to try out yet, and Rob got a license and a new pole for his birthday. They were itching to fish, baby. We were happily surprised by the picturesque setting, and the ability to bring everyone on the adventure with us, including our new little pugsy. What a thrill for Max to catch his very first fish ever on his third cast! I cannot begin to describe the expression on that boy's face as he was reeling in his catch. Thrill, joy, manic excitement, surprise... his face wasn't really smiling exactly. It was a contorted, eye-bulging, grin. A tad on the scary side, but man was he EXCITED! Rob hustled over with congratulations and then a casual, "How'd you catch that, Max?". Rob wanted a fish too! A very big day for the Jordan boys, a memory seared into Max's mind. Oh, and Rob did catch his own fish the next day on Dean Pond, just so you don't feel so bad for him. He caught a 12 inch Rainbow Trout!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I can remember catching fish as a kid, and how big a kick it was, but I can't say I caught one the first time out! Way to get lucky, Max! And a 12 inch rainbow is nothing to sniff at Rob! Back in the day, my dad would come home with his limit of brook trout for dinner, but often they were just a bit over the legal minimum length...Great eating though! Are you into catch and release or dinner?