Saturday, March 01, 2008

Living in Luxury

Our latest home project has involved our master bathroom. It was atrocious, and something needed to be done. So, one boring afternoon I decided to start pulling wall paper off the walls. It was really fun. That was the easiest part of the whole ordeal, honestly. Since then, and some three weeks later, we have finally finished the wall prep, the priming, the painting, the caulking and the cleaning, and the fun part begins. We get to use our bathroom again tomorrow! Whoot! Our last task today is to hang the new vanity light fixture. The old one was this darling brass/flowered/scalloped thing from 1988 that wasn't doing it for me, so it will be doing it for the garbage.

Another fun part of finishing the hard work on a room is placing the final touches. The new toothbrush holder installed, the new tp holder, the new towel bar and the placement of the new "luxury" bath mat. While at WalMart the other day, I decided our old bathmat would no longer match with the wall color, so I picked a soft plush new rug for the inaugural shower. Upon arriving home, the boys tore apart my bags inspecting every new purchase and oohing and ahhing. This is grocery day, they don't get much excitement I suppose. Miles was immediately taken with the new "luxury" bath mat. He rubbed it against his cheek and laid it out on the counter and put his head down on it. I thought it was cute, it was very soft and fluffy after all.

Imagine my surprise yesterday upon finding Miles in my bathroom. Buck naked. Laid out on the luxury bath mat. I suggested he put his clothing back on and he burst into tears. Why have that sweet, sweet luxury if no one's allowed to enjoy it? Later in the evening, I called Miles to dinner. He emerged from my bathroom without his shirt on. Maybe this novelty will wear off, but I guess everyone just wants to enjoy the luxurious new bathroom!

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MOM said...

Sounds like lots of work! Can't wait to see the final results and feel the new bath mat!

I just noticed that google puts related ads on in the margin next to your posts...This time for bathroom accessories, last time for potty training products! Hey, if it pays for the space, I don't mind, I really love your blogs!

See you a week from Sunday...