Monday, January 14, 2008

Snowy Snowy Day

After a delightful taste of Spring here for the past two weeks, Winter has curled it's icy breath around us once again. We are in the midst of a Nor'easter, and school has been cancelled for the day. As a kid, joyous news. As a parent (specifically, the one who will be home with both children for the said snow day), a deep, soul-searching sigh. Some siblings get along famously. Some play together, sharing, laughing, watching out for one another. That does not apply to my children. My boys fight. Actually, one minute they are laughing hysterically, sharing the joy of a good poop joke, the next minute might involve blood and screaming. My six-year-old does not wish to be disturbed by his pesky three-year-old brother. He shouts in a guttural bark "Get out of my room!!". This is about the time his brother will take a lightning fast assessment of his elder brother's room, determine with speedy accuracy exactly what would push his brother to the tipping point, and brush it onto the floor in a great sweeping motion. Then he will run from the room in fear of his life, and hide under the nearest piece of furniture. This continues throughout the day, sprinkled with a few happy moments where they might sword fight with those lovely plastic swords we picked at the Dollar Store (insert self ass-kicking here). Inevitably someone will be poked and smacked too hard with the lovely plastic swords and a brawl erupts. Usually by 8am, I am sighing with relief as the school bus will be pulling up soon. I know that my son enjoys school, he will have fun, he will learn. His teachers have patience. Then, Wee Beast will have no competition for attention and he will be sweet, adorable, loving. Until the school bus rolls around at 3:30pm, and we start all over again. Well, today is the wrench in my daily routine. However, with a good dose of playing outside in the snow, a warm batch of brownies, and maybe an impromptu play dough session, I just may survive my snow day.


MOM said...

OH boy... Just don't YOU eat all the brownies in frustration! Hope it went better than expected!

Cat Jordan said...

Yes, actually, it did go much better than expected. We had very little fighting surprisingly, and and two big outside playtimes where I was able to shovel. :)