Monday, July 30, 2007

The Tooth Fairy Visits

Well, we've had a major milestone here at the Jordan Homestead. The Tooth Fairy herself was here just last week! My first-born beast has lost his very first tooth! It all came about several weeks ago as we had friends and family here for a gathering. Max squealed, "My tooth is loose!!!". I slapped my hand to my heart in shock, thinking, My God, it's too early!! Fearing my son had ferocious tooth decay or had been recently punched square in the teeth, I found it difficult to feel excitement and joy at his rite of passage. Slowly, my mind started calculations... thinking back to my own first-grade school pictures missing my two front teeth... he will be six in a couple of months... I know he brushes his teeth, so that rules out ferocious tooth decay....

I finally came to terms with his big news, and watched in fascination as his daily wiggle test grew looser and looser. Finally, the day came last Sunday and while biting into a pear, he SHRIEKED to the household that his tooth, in fact, had fallen out.

Max made out with two whole dollars from our new family friend "Toothy", and a nice note commenting about how she especially likes the "sparkly-clean" teeth, like his. He was thrilled to say the least and filled me in on all the details the next morning. Apparently, he heard her come in to his room because of a distinct "tinkly, tinkly" sound she makes, and he spied her wand that she had "set down on his night table". I stared at him, dumbfounded. Either this kid is trying to pull one over on me, or I am simply oblivious to magical world around us.

The future here is wide open... full of loose teeth and tall tales. Even Miles, the wee beast, is joining in on the fun, telling everyone who will listen that he has a "woof toof", too.

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MOM said...

That's the kind of update I've been missing! (Even though I've been with you recently enough to hear this tale first hand, I'm looking forward to hearing more when I head back south!