Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy 2006

Hey! It's the new year! Big whoopit-ee-do-da. Why is there such a hub-bub about this? Nonsense, I tell you. Last night we went to Family Night at church for a potluck and some Guesstures and let the little beasts run around and wear themselves out. We got back home around 9pm and played a rousing game of CLUE with the self-titled Mr. Farts. (Don't look at me!! He's blood relation, but I still can't quite explain it! Shrug.) Anyways, I was dozing off by 11:30, sat up and demanded my glass of bubbly before retiring. I was a party pooper and called it a year about 20 minutes before midnight. You know what though? I wasn't sad about it, and I don't believe I missed anything. New Years' Eve eludes me, but I have to say, I do enjoy the champagne. So, I am wishing you a very happy first day of 2006. Go on, treat yourself to some Funny Home Videos. It's that time of night and that's just what Big Beast and I are heading off to do. Cheers!

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